Student Box

A special service for students

Moving away from home for the first time is difficult enough without having to organise transport of computers, bedding etc, not to mention your teddy bear.

There Today couriers offer a unique service which will ensure all your precious belongings get delivered to your university lodgings safe and sound.

We recently helped author Andy Bounds move his daughter to University and he kindly wrote this testimonial:

A great idea. And great customer service...

My daughter Megan is about to leave home – she starts her career in London next month.

And I recently discovered a great new idea, which is going to make her move-out much easier for all of us.

And, if your child is about to leave home/go to University, this might be useful for you too…

The couriers There Today offer a “help your child move out” service: 

  1. They bring round everything you need to pack your child’s things – boxes, tape, labels and haribo sweets, to help them keep packing!

  2. You pack everything up

  3. They collect it, take it to your child’s new address

So all that you and your child have to do is get yourselves to the new address. And that’s it.

So, Megan and I will have a lovely, stress-free journey to London, we’ll then have a Daddy Daughter Date at a West End Show, and then rock-up to Megan’s new house, where all her stuff will be delivered. 

That’s just miles better than us having to pile everything in a car – takes ages and won’t fit – and then having to drive all the way there and back. 

We’ve used There Today before in my business. So, I know they’re really good. But, until this week, I didn’t know they offered this service. But, now that I do, I know I’ll be using it lots of times. Our second child Jack is likely to move away on an apprentice next year. And I’m already looking forward to helping him leave!

So, if your child’s about to move out/go to Uni, and you don’t fancy all the hassle and stress of packing everything in your car, here’s There Today’s website ( – great business idea; great customer service and great for Haribos!