What to Look for in a Local Courier Service


Businesses from bakeries to clothing retailers have to deliver merchandise to their customers. It’s just part of the service. Some have vehicles and drivers that deliver goods to people all over. Some decide to outsource delivery to a different company so they don’t have to think about purchasing assets, training drivers, or paying for licenses, fuel, or taxes.

The decision of who to outsource your delivery services to may seem trivial, but it actually is a very important one. Every part of your customer experience comes back to you, and if your customers are unhappy with your delivery services, you’ll be taking the fall. It’s critical to select a reputable, reliable company to provide an excellent customer experience for buyers. How, exactly, should you select the best company? Let’s take a look.


One of the most crucial things to consider is the speed at which the courier service can deliver goods. Even if you promise a 3-day delivery, you never know when you’ll have to rush in extraordinary events. Ask about the average delivery time, and whether they have different rates for different times. Some courier services provide only standard delivery time and express delivery, while others may provide more variety.


This largely depends on the area that you cover with your delivery services. If you offer worldwide shipping, you’ll need a delivery service that can ship worldwide. If you only deliver to people in a certain locale, you’ll need a delivery service that can cover that area. Just make sure the service that you choose covers the area that you need.


If the goods that you are shipping need some extra care during delivery, you will want to make sure the delivery service you choose is known for being careful with items shipped. There are lots of stories about merchandise arriving broken, damaged, or even missing. As you choose a courier service, make sure they have a history of being careful with delivery. Don’t be afraid to inquire as to the measures they take to make sure everything arrives in good condition.


A good way to gauge how reputable a delivery service is is to see how long they’ve been operating. This way, you get a better idea of how experienced they are. There’s also a bigger chance that they have worked with a business like yours, and therefore knows how to take care of you and can advise you on ways to streamline your delivery process.


First impressions do count. Customers won’t have a good impression of you if the unkempt delivery guy hops out of his dusty delivery truck to hand you a grubby package. Opt for a courier service that takes pride in keeping their vehicles clean and their employees professional


It may very well be worth your while to explore the possibilities of outsourcing other aspects of delivery to a third party - perhaps packaging, labeling, and even warehouse management. As you choose a courier service, be sure to think about the services that they offer and if there are any add-ons that you can get. You may end up simplifying your process significantly.


In this day and age, it can be a major competitive advantage to offer tracking capabilities to your customers. Therefore, you need a delivery service that can tell you where everything is at all times. They may even have tracking numbers that enable your customers to find out the progress of their delivery, which will do wonders for customer service.


In business, you don’t want to partner with people who you can’t get along with. It’s always a good idea to choose a company that you can call and rest assured that they will answer professionally. It’s also a plus when you can speak directly with the top manager or owner.


This one was put last for a reason. Like with a lot of other things, you pay for quality in a delivery service. The cheapest option won’t give you the same quality of service as a more expensive one. Be sure to look into any hidden expenses or fees that may pop up. Do look into all your options - you may find a pricier one to be worth it for the value.

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